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I“Dremneltahn.” His voice is stern and solid. His soldiers waver in their stance as they look behind them to Selison but they don’t lower their weapons. “Relqo,” he seethes as he clenches his jaw. His soldiers immediately drop their weapons and kneel before him. The human soldiers lower their weapons slightly as everyone leans forward towards Selison. The reporters begin speaking frantically as some of the other people with cameras and phones give their own amateur commentary. He spends a few moments surveying the situation before looking down to his people. “Val?” He asks looking over his people. They all raise their heads to look up at him. Frightened, their faces ask questions but none of them are willing to speak. “Geb wekel hasind…show more content…
With a quick motion the president turns back to the camera and holds both her and Selison’s hand up to the crowd. “From this day forward, the Chaosns will be our welcomed guests. We will maintain a long lasting peace!” The crowd goes wild with joyous cheers forcing the reporters to nearly shout into their microphones. Before everyone relaxes completely though, Xasalamel appears on the wall a few feet away from the president and the king. The cheers are silenced as the two powers look over to the dapper man as he clears his throat. With all eyes on him he fixes his tie with his right hand as he holds a struggling person under his left. “Pardon me, but I found the man responsible for your assassination attempt” he says calmly as he tosses the man forward. A rough man in his late thirties lands in front of Selison’s feet. His right shoulder is busted along with both of his knees. He is wearing jeans with a red and black flannel that has one of the sleeves torn off and a white t-shirt underneath. On his feet are fairly plain running shoes. His mouth is gagged shut with the missing sleeve of the flannel. He struggles and squirms as Selison looks down to him. The king then crouches down to him. Without word he undoes the gag giving the man free speech. “I will not beg to some glorified canary,” the man hisses and then spits on Selison. Immediately Selison’s people rise to their feet and grab hold of their weapons

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