Short Story : ' Hello ! '

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Rob punched in the numbers and in a second had it on speaker phone. Melanie could listen and take notes if she wished. He didn’t feel confident that he would be able to remember everything. The phone started to ring and it was playing a tune he did not know, but it was quite different from anything that he listened to. After the third ring, he heard when they picked up. "Hello?" was the quick response.

Robert tried to sound as mature as he possibly could as he asked, “May I speak to Rachel.”

"This is Rachel," said the voice over the phone, the voice, pleasant, lilting with a gentle accent. Melanie blinked solemnly, as Robert continued on with the conversation.

“Hi, Rachel, Please, don’t hang up, My name’s Robert, I am
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Will you meet me? Pick the time and the location. It is imperative that you feel comfortable.” Melanie frowned, deep in thought, could she meet this aunt tonight? She glanced over at Rob to determine if he was listening.
He was watching her intently with his seawater eyes and she felt her nerves loosening. Laying his hands over her left hand he rested it on her leg. Stroking the smooth skin, she would have purred if she had been a cat. He was a miracle balm to her. He nodded, smiling. He mouthed, “fantastic!” then he winked. She was feeling less than confident, but he certainly soothed her ruffled nerves.

She once again placed the call on speaker and laid the phone against their hands, “I am not sure about tonight. School tomorrow, and Curfew’s not far off.”

Of course she knew she was babbling. Babbling seemed to be all she could muster. Her hand under Roberts was becoming overly warm, yet she dare not move it. She needed his touch, his calm support. She just hoped she didn’t burst into flame.

Rachel swallowed convulsively, aware of the sound that she felt was probably heard on the other side of the line. “Maybe even here? You’re welcome to come here, otherwise, I totally understand, I just need to meet you in person, tonight if possible.” A giggle formed in Melanie 's throat and escaped when she tried to make arrangements. She pressed mute and asked Robert if he would be willing meet her, and if he agreed to visit, tonight. “It isn’t that late here,
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