How To Write A Dystopian

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FORGOTTEN It was a cold, quiet night in Manhattan. A father of three is walking home from work in a alley at the dead of night. He gets a nervous feeling whenever he thinks someone is is following him, when he does he stops and tries to listen to any sound coming from behind, either from a newspaper that is scraping the ground from the wind or footsteps from somebody trying to rob him. He turns around slowly not to cause attention to whoever it is behind him, (whrr...whrr) the wind blew fast that it almost knocked him over. Looking behind him he saw no one, nothing. In the morning as he awoke, he hears the sink turn on when he heard his wife calling, “Henry, can you come down and eat before you leave. It’s 8:30 you’re gonna be late. Hurry up!” Henry gets up almost falling back to sleep. He heads to the bathroom to take a quick shower, but when the warmth of the steam blocks his view of the bathroom, he hears a type of sound that made a high squeal noise. When he gets out of the shower he sees writing on the mirror that said, “Do you remember me.” It is now 10:00, which Henry is 30 minutes late to his office. When he gets there, his friend asks him, “How come you’re so late.” “I woke up late.” Henry responded. Which he always says whenever he’s late. After they finished their conversation,…show more content…
As Henry was in the elevator, there was a sound. A sound that seem to have a echo to it. A sound that was in a ghostly voice that whispered. “I was the one that always helped with your homework.” He almost fainted from the whisper that he heard. “Someone who helped me with my homework,” he thought to himself. When he went to his office and grabbed his car keys, he saw something real shiny out the corner of his eye. It was a silvery note that said what he heard earlier about someone helping him with his
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