Short Story : House Taken Over By Julio Cortazar

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How many opportunities do we lose because of fears, unreasonable wariness? Our frights sound distinctively, telling everyone something unique, unlike, special. However, its only action is to hide and paralyze our will. Fear is the natural reaction caused by the environment. Fears arise as a reaction to certain events. And the root of all of them is the conviction that we are not able to cope with life. But for any person, it is very important to be able to overcome fear, because otherwise he will not be able to achieve in his life any, even the smallest heights, not to mention achieving success or realizing ones dreams. Fear is a signal that says something needs to be changed for a harmonious and effective life. And only we decide: to deal with our fears, to live happily and to embody our intentions, or to be afraid of leverage, to forget about intentions and dreams, and to react, to spend our strength on how to hide fears deeply from us and others. The short stories “House Taken Over” by Julio Cortazar the characters are followed by fear and as the final result they lose a house. In addition, “The Old Chief Mshlanga” by Doris Lessing plays a contrast role to the previous story where young lady Nkosikaas obtains the feeling to be at home by overcoming her fear. These two stories have a mutual theme of fear; however, each story’s character performs it uniquely.
Frequently we must make an essential decision which will overturn our whole life, however we are trying to block

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