Short Story In English

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Once she is out of sight, I bend down beside of Damian. “Please. Don't say anything about my feelings for Axel. If you do I'm going to kill you.” I beg. “Not before I kill you.” Before I can say anything, there is a sharp pain in my side. It was a hit of pressure and then it was released and replaced with excruciating pain. I scream as loud as I can expect that will make the pain go away. Blood spreads out under me and soaks my shirt. I roll onto my back. The stars in the night sky above me look like glowing white streaks. My body becomes heavy with fatigue and I drift to sleep. “Cynthia!” Someone whispers, causing me to wake up. “Cynthia.” They repeat. The voice. I have heard it before. “Axel.” I strain. “Yes, yes. It's me.” He clasps …show more content…

“Axel.” “What!” I jump at the sound of his booming voice. Never have I heard him talk like that to anyone, let alone me. “I said to worry about your damn self!” He bounces from the floor and stomps to the bathroom. I chase after him but before I can catch him, he slams the bathroom door in my face. This isn’t Axel. It isn't the Axel I'd been with for the past few days. Something is up, but I have to find a way to pry it out of him. After an hour of sitting against the door to the bathroom, I finally knock. “Do you wanna talk?” I ask. Complete silence. “Axel?” Still no response. Panic courses through my veins. “Axel. Are you okay?” I push the door open until it is stopped by something behind it. I struggle to push the door further. I manage to get it open enough to where I can squeeze through. The first thing I see when I walk in is Axel, behind the door with a kitchen knife beside of his hand and a gaping wound in his shoulder. I press my hand over my mouth to hold in my scream. I never even heard him cry out or anything. I kneel down beside of him and feel for his pulse on his wrist. His heart is still beating. He is still alive. He turns his head towards me. “Hey.” He sighs. “What the hell did you do?” I squeal. “Are you insane?” His eyes widen a bit but he can't seem to keep them open any longer. “What are you talking about?” “Do you not see this hole in your shoulder?” He gazes at his shoulder. “Oh my God. What happened?” “That’s

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