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JJeremy Noll

I believe perseverance is an innate quality that is tapped into, not everyone is naturally perseverant. Many people just skate by in life, they do not try for things, and they just give up before giving any kind of concentrated effort. When life gets tough for people, or they feel they are in over their heads, they just give up without question. So many people let life control them rather than control their own life, and no matter how hard things have gotten or if I have found myself in a less than ideal situation I force myself to get back up without question. People are shaped when they are in the process of picking themselves up, and the greatest learning experiences are from falling down, not being at the top, and truly perseverant
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Classmates started to chastise me, and I was embarrassed, but this moment was one of the defining moments of my early life. After I had the incident at the board, my teacher called my parents and my parents decided it would be best for me to receive tutoring. Every Monday and Wednesday night I would sit at the library doing math until my junior year of high school, then I finished math for good in my high school career. This period remains a pivotal moment for me because it showed me what perseverance meant, total failure was never an option for me, and no matter how hard my situation got I pressed…show more content…
I have always found a way to get success out of a shortcoming, and what happened motivated me more than anyone will ever know. There is a quote that I believe in and hold dear to my heart by former president George W. Bush when he was giving a commencement speech, “to those of you who are graduating this afternoon with high honors, awards and distinctions, I say, well done. And as I like to tell the C students, you too can be president.”. If that C student from Texas could achieve the success of being president and reach a dream, I can reach mine. I lived and I learned, and I do not want to let anything besides my dedication, steadfastness, and perseverance dictate my life. I would really like to be a part of the Legislative Service Commission, and I feel like I could bring a lot down to Columbus. Even though I am only in my mid-twenties and a recent college graduate, I have an unprecedented amount of experience in politics, and an understanding that not many people have. A political science degree can only take someone so far, but I have the accolades to back my degree
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