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  • Paragraph On Peafowl

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    INTRODUCTION Indian peafowl also has as a scientific name Pavo Cristatus and they are showiest bird because of their beauty and beautiful iridescent blue-green feathers. Pauo and pauus are common name used for peafowl in Latin. Indian peafowl feather decorates the crest of lord Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism. The male referred as peacock and female as peahens. The male peafowl are known their bright color and patterns, but the female peahen describe as a mixture of dull colored also their

  • Short Story : My Story

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    “Madison Carter! I know you were the class clown! Don’t try to fool me!” my husband Johnny Flash yelped. I rolled my eyes, I didn’t have time to argue, I had to get ready. “Whatever Johnny. Don’t forget to be ready at seven o’clock. We have to be at school for my thirty year reunion at seven-thirty, remember?” I reminded him. “I thought that was next week!” he sighed. “No! It is tonight, so get dressed!” I rebuked. I went off to my bedroom to get my dress. It was a gorgeous brown

  • The Bird And The Happiest Bird

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    The Crow and the Peacock Once there was a crow, who lived a happy and satisfied life in his village. One day the crow was flying along when he saw a beautiful white swan. Seeing the swan he thought, “This swan is so bright and I am so dark. He must be the happiest bird in the world” When the crow said this to the swan, the swan said, “I used to think that I was the happiest bird too until I saw a parrot. The parrot has 2 colors while I just have one. So he must be the happiest bird.” Taking the swan’s

  • Observing And Interpreting A Wild Animal Can Be A Daunting But Fascinating Task

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    in Springfield, Missouri gives everyday Americans the chance to exist mere feet away from magnificent creatures such as elephants, lions, and giraffes. At this zoo, the Indian blue peafowl have the luxury of wandering around the entire grounds—except for inside the other animal exhibits, of course. Indian Blue peafowl have the scientific name of Pavo cristatus and are native to India and Sri Lanka. For the purposes of this paper, I chose to observe an adult male peacock—unfortunately, I did not get

  • Statement Of Purpose In Medical Anthropology

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    encourage on learn people’s culture in surrounding community as my recreation. I received my Master degree in Zoology from Chulalongkorn University in 2002. My Master research was focused on agricultural field utilization and breeding ecology of green peafowls (Pavo muticus Linn.) in Doi Phu Nang National Park, northern Thailand. These northern populations have been rediscovered in 1995 in a distinctively

  • Food In Medieval England Essay

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    pasture and huge amount of fodders. Therefore, most of the cattle were kept to produce milk, and only those were old and no longer to work would be killed to eat. Hunted Birds, including swans, quails, and peafowls, were also sources of meat. Upper class people raised and ate birds, like swans and peafowls, while the lower class people could only eat chicken. Because of the limitation of land and cost to feed, meat were far more expensive than the other foods, like bread, and could be mainly consumed by

  • Role Of Organisms On A Tropical Ecosystem

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    Part B – The Role of Organisms A producer in a tropical ecosystem is the plants and trees. A primary consumer in a tropical ecosystem is a squirrel. A secondary consumer in a tropical ecosystem is a jack rabbit. A tertiary consumer in a tropical ecosystem is a mountain lion. A decomposer in a tropical ecosystem is mushrooms, fungi and moss. The predator is the Mountain Lion. The prey is the deer. So the predator and prey relationship is between the mountain lion and the deer. The predator which is

  • The Fifth Month: Bona Dia

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    May The fifth month of the calendar year as we know it, is named May after the Greek goddess Maia, and is identified as the Roman fertility goddess Bona Dia, whose festival was in May. Although Ovid says it is named for the majorre, Latin for elders, while June is dedicated to the young people. Another place says it is named after Maia a Roman goddess of spring and growth or Maiesta the roman goddess of honor and rememberance. This month holds the place of the fifth month in both the Gregorian

  • Natural Selection And Its Effect On A Population Essay

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    Natural selection is the process whereby species that are better equipped for survival in their environment are able to prolong their bloodline by reproducing. Advancements in these species, evolution, can be seen as a result of natural selections force. Natural selection can be broken down into three concepts that require it to operate. The first is the constant struggle a species face for survival, which results in the continuation of the successful branches of the species, as the others become

  • My Very Detailed Trip to the Wildlife Zoo in Arizona Essay

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    My family and I went on a road trip to Phoenix, Arizona in late October. This is going to be a little description of what went on during this trip and all the different things I saw. Most of this will be about my trip to the Wildlife world zoo since that was the biggest thing that happened during the trip. The first thing I should mention, Since of course it was the first thing we saw, Is the amazing scenery on the way up here. We passed through parts of Oklahoma, Texas, And New Mexico that