Short Story Of Cinderella

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Once upon a time there was a little girl, her father and her mom. The little girl's name was Ella. Her mother was very sick with the bubonic plague. She was very sick the doctors said that she would not make it. So they spent a lot of time together. A week later she died the dad was very sad and Ella didn’t come out of her room for a week. She only came out to get food and water but she go right back to her room without saying anything. She was very sad. So one day her father left to go get some food for Ella and himself. So he went out and was out for 2 hours. Ella came down and he was not there. So she started to wonder what was going on. So she went outside and sat of the porch. Me and my darling (Ella's father) come driving up. “Hey, Ella what are you doing outside. “
“Who is that?”
“This is your future step mother she is amazing and kind and loving.”
“Aww you darling.”
“I’m sorry I just can’t live without a wife.”
“How can you be over mother so suddenly.”
“ I still love her and nothing can change that, I just need to move on and I need to love again.”
“You can, you love me don’t you, well yah but it’s different.”
“Sorry to interrupt this argument but may I go inside and see what the inside of my future home looks like,” I asked getting out of the horse and buggy.
“If I wasn’t outside when were you planning on telling me.”
“As soon as I walked inside I would call you down.”
That night their sitting at the dinner table eating dinner and

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