Short Story Of Maribelle's Murder

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Maribelle woke up to the realization that tomorrow will be her wedding day. She had been so focused on Harry that she forgot to act like a proper fiancé. She also needed to find the killer by the end of the night. She only had a few hours or Harry’s death would be labeled as a suicide. Liam had told Niall that the church refused to bury Harry since everyone was told that Harry killed himself. Maribelle needed to show that her true love was not that kind of person.
Maribelle ate her breakfast on the outside porch overlooking the field. Her father sat next to her, reading over the newspaper. Her father kept taking deep breathes that sounded shaky.
“Father, do you think that my mother will die before my wedding?” Her father tensed at the question.
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I suggest you go ask her, rather than asking me these questions. I am going out to town.” Her father stood up in a hurry. The look of panic and guilt was all over his face.
“I will talk with her after my breakfast.” Maribelle had two people that she suspected as the killers.
Her mother had caught her talking with the servants, so her mother could have killed Harry to make sure Maribelle married Zayn. Her father could have killed Harry out of rage, and to prove that he was the master. She would later find out from Niall to see if there was anyone that worked with the boys that had a deep hatred for Harry.
The room was dark, the humid air was sticking her dress to her skin, and the smell of death lingered. Her mother lay on the bed with a wet cloth over her forehead. Maribelle slowly sauntered toward the bed.
“Maribelle, is that you?” Her mother’s voice croaked out from the darkness.
“Yes, I have a few questions for
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