Short Story Of The Game

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Michael and Calum were both extremely sweaty after practice. It had been a particularly hot day, today, and there were hardly any clouds in the sky to mask the sun, and cover them from the heat.

That and all the running, the coach forced them to do today at practice.

Luke was complaining about how he couldn't breathe, and about how he was going to pass out if he didn't rest and get someone water. Ashton said he would hug him, but he was sweaty too, and it was too damn hot for human contact, so that was a lost cause.

Everyone was sweating buckets.

Thankfully, practice was over soon enough tho, he ended it early since they had a game tomorrow. He said he wanted to give them time to rest and get their energy back, so they could play …show more content…

They were probably just going to hang out, but Michael and Calum were both 100% positive some making out would be involved, but they were about to do the same thing, so they didn't make fun of them. That didn't stop Michael from winking at Luke and making vulgar hand gestures at the blonde, which in return earned a blushed and a middle finger from his friend.

Calum sat on Michael bed and inspected his room. It was a nice room, it had posters of the bands and musicians he assumed Michael liked and pictures of his friends and family tacked to the wall as well. His room was much like Calum's and he made note of that.

Michael came back to find Calum looking at the pictures in his wall, more specifically the one of him and his dad the summer before his dad died.

"That's my dad.", he said from behind Calum, which startled the younger boy.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"It's fine. Your my baby. You can look at the pictures of you want. Feel free to ask questions too. I'm gonna eat some candy.", he said holding up a bag of skittles. He laid back against the headboard of his bed , and looked at Calum look a his pictures.

He would tell Calum whatever he wanted to hear about his family. He didn't talk much about his dad because it was a sensitive topic for him, but he decided if Calum could open up to him about his abusive uncle, that he could open up to Calum about his deceased father. It was only fair. Plus he trusted Calum.

"What happened to him?", Calum

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