Summary Of The Opening Chapter Of Dipper's Mistake

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Dipper was tired, again. He always stayed up way too late with his computer open on his lap all night. He’d been trying to write again but the only thing that seemed to give him any inspiration was one kind stranger that he fortunately got to see every day. Dipper had no idea where he came from, in fact, no one did. All he ever heard about him was that he was an eccentric business owner that lived alone out in the woods. Most of the townsfolk were terrified of what wanders through there, so they figured that he wanted to be left alone.
Which is obviously not the case, thought Dipper. Not with how much he pays attention to me.
It wasn’t as if Dipper minded the looks and kind words he received from the man, he liked it very much, actually. He …show more content…

He would walk in the store everyday, slide up to Dipper, and ask what they had in stock. When he first began to visit the store, Dipper was annoyed. He had endured enough bullying to last a lifetime, and he didn’t feel like entertaining a new asshole at his nice new job. But he was surprised to learn that Bill had no negative intentions, and he turned out to be quite sweet. The first flower he had purchased was a violet rose. Violet roses represent an immediate love; love at first sight, which Dipper had smiled at. Surely Bill knew nothing of flower meanings, and while he was checking out, he had planned to give a little quip on the meaning, when Bill had stopped him.
“That’s alright, I know what it means.” he had smiled lightly, and softly taken the flower from the blushing boys’ hands, only to snip the stem with the nearby clippers, and reached forward to put it behind Dipper’s ear. Which, at this point, had turned a deep red along with his face. Bill had looked at him and took his hand. He bowed slightly to place a soft kiss to it, then looked up at him with a grin.
“I’ll see you then. Pine Tree.” he purred as he walked off and out of the store. Dipper had been awestruck and amazed at the kindness of the man. For the rest of the day, he couldn’t stop fiddling with the flower tucked oh so gently behind his ear, and every time someone mentioned it being cute or nice, he couldn’t help but

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