Short Story On Azalia

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Admittedly, Alyssa had done well with creating a barrier between us and the grabby humans as we united with the four others. They were sitting in wooden chairs behind the rather extravagant, yet small, stage that had been prepared for the children. Smiles lightened their faces as they were ecstatic to see that I had made the decision (or rather pressured) to participate in the event. Unfortunately, there were only six chairs set up: mine, Demitri’s, Azalia’s, Ryker’s, Sisi’s, and even one for my mother, who would undoubtedly pass, but the humans could hope. “I see you picked up a pair of fresh faces,” Azalia whispered to me as I approached. “They are tagging along with me for the day. The woman is Alyssa and I let her accompany me today.” …show more content…

“The man is the ‘mysterious Nava’ that was visiting Haven. His name is Dalquin and he claims to have come from a halfway around the world just so he may meet us and experience Navadia in the city where our species’ thriving all began.” Dalquin cleared his throat and stepped closer to Azalia, his smile appearing more foolish that before as his large, rough hand ran through his smooth wood hair. “There is no need to converse in secrecy, especially when it is futile considering you are trying to hide your words from a creature with optimal hearing. As your kind friend, Aiden said, my name is Dalquin Maldem and I come from a town across the world named Uni. I will not go in the details, but I am sure Aiden can fill you in. You, oh beautiful and doughty Nava, must be Azalia Blackmon, descendant of Zephir. Am I correct?” Her face burned a bright tomato red, and a girly giggle voiced from her mouth. “You would be correct.” Demitri tapped his fingers forcefully on the table in front of him which supported the leftover goodies from the café atop it, evidently frustrated with the flattery from Dalquin. He quickly grabbed his wife’s hand and sent an annoyed glare towards him. “She is also the wife of Demitri, also known as me,” he

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