Short Story On Queshya Rae Caroline

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Queshya slowly strolled across the dirt covered, school grounds. She was late, but she didn’t give it a second thought. Queshya is fifteen years of age, and her full name is, Queshya Rae Caroline. Her nickname is Shy, trust me she is the total opposite. She continues to go with the flow everyday of her life, which could be a good thing, or a bad thing. BANG! The front door echoed behind Shy, as she walked forward. Shy continued walking through the school hallway, and right before she reached the end of the hallway she took a sharp left. She peered into the door that stood before her. Sat at a desk was one person, who was as asleep as a sloth. Everyone else was missing. The rusty door creaked as Queshya opened it with grace and ease. Shy looked around in the small, dusty classroom. Nobody appeared. She walked up to the boy sleeping, and gently pulled his hair. Shy persisted pulling his hair, until his head was above the wooden desk, and his tan face was visible. She smirked to herself, and let go of the boy’s hair, making his face slam into the hard desk. “Ugh!” …show more content…

Wasi slowly wiped his face with his large palm, put on an irritated face, and retorted. “What the hell Queshya?” “Get over it… Anyway, where’s everyone

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