The Closet Murder

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“Goooo to the closeeeeet. Goooo to the closeeeet.” said an unknown voice. 。。。。。。。。 Jame’s eyes jerked open. What happened!? thought Jame. “Wake up! Wake up Jame!” said Adelicia as she shook him. Jame quickly sat up and blushed. “What’s wrong?”, he said as he rubbed his eyes. “The principal wants you in his office!” Jame suddenly woke up fully, “Why?” “Uh, I think it is because you dream walked to the closet down the corridor.” 。。。。。。。。 “The closet. What’s wrong with the closet? Why did they see me going to the closet? When did they see me going to the closet? But why me? Why do I sleep walk to the closet? What is the problem of sleepwalking to the closet?, “ thought Jame as he was walking to the principal’s office to get questioned. He shivered. He had a bad feeling, and his bad feelings never told lies. James is what you would consider to be a regular was a 12 year old boy from America. He had short, straight brown hair, olive colored skin and blue green colored eyes. He looked just like every other 12 year old boy but he has a crazy story to tell. The school Jame is in is a school called Henry Jek. It is named after the principal. It looks like a great mansion for a haunted story. Most of the windows were blocked up with wood. There is a humongous wooden door that groans every time you open it. There is nothing alive in the gardens of it except the lively sunlight. The principal’s room had no windows, it only had one small candle that lit the room up with creepiness.
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