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The time was a year or two after the great war had ended and the other nations were working on peace between the other villages and rebuilding their towns, everyone thought that the danger had past little did they know that there was a new evil just waiting to make its move. Now we focus our attention to the forest where a hidden village was carefully placed away from the world around it , hiding very skilled ninja's with rare abilities that could not be taught or learned by anyone else but their clan, this is where a young adult female resides in hiding with her family and other clans from a world that wants nothing more than to use them for their powers.

It was another night in the village everyone was asleep except for a young woman …show more content…

Hanae would sigh as she reached a waterfall its beautiful clear water pouring down made her feel relaxed as she then began to take a seat closing her eyes as the moonlight shined on her,suddenly feeling strength being poured into her body her abilities were unknown to her because she was never able to use them of course she knew other jutsu but why was her families jutsu's forbidden. There was a gentle wind blowing this evening which felt really good against her skin it was smoothing her mind which felt like it was running around with no answers to her questions making her more confused, her visions were of her village everyone asleep and three strange ninjas appear stepping inside of their family home looking for someone.

It was then they approached her bedroom door where she was asleep in her bed when one of them had grabbed her after putting a blindfold on her, she screams and her father and brother come into her bedroom all she could hear was fighting and suddenly she was being carried away kicking and trying to fight back. When they had enough of her fighting back one of them knocked her out while the other two started to start to attack the village people screaming but

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