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Knowing you have a mate gives you a strange type of high. You know you'll never be able to hold him, or love him or even admire him from afar without getting slander from the whole pack and yet, you still somehow find yourself hoping that maybe this is the moment when you finally break out of the prison of an isolated life. It was that very thinking that held me together for roughly a week. I never should have even thought about Daniel after he announced Mallory as his mate. I should have gotten over everything long ago and live my live stubborn and strong. But once again, life must simply destroy any chances of letting me have what I want. It didn't matter what I did--I could have been slapped in the face, I could have been making …show more content…

I feel a rough hand on my spine, forcing my shoulders to move back and give me a nicer posture. Then Daniel spoke. "We all know why we're here today," I can feel Daniel's presence behind me and it takes a lot of willpower to stay stoic, "A little birdie once told me that hopes and dreams could come true if I believed. Then I watched, petrified as that little birdie was eaten alive by a wolf." I tried not to scrunch my eyebrows together as I listened. Instead, I focused on how I could almost feel Daniel's breath on my ear. It didn't help my imagination, but it was a definite distraction. "That wolf was my father. He told me to not listen to fragile being like birds. He said they may rule the skies but they should never rule your heart. It seems today, a little bird's heart has shown up among us strong wolves." I feel Daniel's warm hands touching my shoulders and I can't help but relax into his stern grip. I hear the audience start to giggle. Daniel's hand disappear from my shoulders and instead turns my body to face his. Looking me dead in the eyes, he speaks to only me but loud enough so everyone else could hear, "Kendra Hartman, possible destroyer of my pack, wreck to our society and future Luna of the Eclipse pack: I formally and wholeheartedly reject you as my destined mate." The audience laughs uncontrollably. I can see in my blurring peripheral that people were starting to stand and clap

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