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“A wolf?” The officer asked me. “Miss… There are no wolves in Maine. Maybe a coyote?”

“It was a wolf! I promise…”

*A few hours ago*

I walking into my boyfriends house using the key he gave me. I set down the watch I bought him for our three year anniversary, and start to search for him.

“Zach?” I ask into the air, while walking around the house. I check the kitchen first since the lights are on in there.

He’s not there. Right as I walk past the stairs to the living room I hear a tud come from upstairs, and the sound of thunder rang through out the house.

“H-Hello?” I stutter. I’m slightly scared I don’t know where he is and… What if he’s dead? What if someone broke into the house and killed him?

Of course curiosity got the …show more content…

Once I’m far enough away that I can’t hear him, I slow to a walk and look around.

The trees sway viciously, in the wind and rain. The creepy dirt road, that leads to my house, was now a river that I knew would be impossible to cross. My only way home would be to stay on the paved road and walk around, to reach my street (which would take hours), or to cut through the woods.

At this point my stomach was growling and my heart hurt. So I chose to walk through the woods. The mud in my shoes wasn't what bothered me, it was the frigid temperature that feels as if it keeps dropping. I hug myself for warmth.

I stop walking when I hear a twig snap in the distance. After a few minutes of nothing I start my walk again. Right as I take a step my other foot falls out from under me and I land in a puddle. I study the puddle I landing in once I get up.

It’s the same shape as a dog print.

“Crap,” I mutter to myself. I forgot about the coyotes that live here. I started to run, but I didn’t even get three feet before I stopped to the sound of howling.

I slowly lift my head and look into the clearing to see him, standing there, staring at me…

Not a coyote, but a wolf with the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful the way he stood there not caring that we were looking into each others eyes or that the rain has him completely drenched. I finally looked away when he started to walk towards me. Lightning lit up the forest as I ran from him.

Don’t run!

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