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"[i] In the bleak midwinter-[/i]" I shoot up from my bed in the middle of the dark in a cold sweat, my eyes adjust slowly as I rub them in the darkness. I glance beside me at a familiar silhouette, it's none other than Thomas and I note his arm carefully constructed around my waist. In the few years I've known him I've realized this nervous tick about him, like a child, he finds the need to cling onto something in order to sleep. There have been moments in the night where I've found him cradling me like a beloved toy in his arms possessively but in the morning he's always gone and he leaves no evidence of his actions. Quietly and carefully I escape from his hold and for a moment I watch his sleeping figure as I sit there. It's odd to …show more content…

[center][img][/img][/center] When I think of Michael my thoughts always appear to go back to [b]limbo[/b]. The first few years of [i]limbo[/i] were a blur. Whenever I sit down and actually try to think back all I can ever seem to remember are little insignificant things. I can picture things such as sitting in the park for hours and just hearing nothing but muffled voices and sometimes even seeing sunlight over glossy faces. One thing I remember vividly is the inside of my mind reminding me over and over again that the news of [i]his[/i] death was a mistake and he'd come back home to me and everything would go back to being okay. These last few days I've been distraught, worried because there are times I feel as if I feel his memory is escaping my grasp. I've found myself crying for hours because I'll forget his laugh, his warmth, or even the sight of his face. There are nights I can't sleep because everything just seems like a bad dream, but I'll walk around my empty apartment and find his picture just sitting there. Memories of us constantly appear to play in my head with brief seconds of us as kids or the last time I ever said goodbye to him. There have been moments I had thought I had gotten better, but no one ever seems to tell you that it never lasts long. Days feel repeated and feel as if they all mold into one, sleep is blissful because for a brief

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