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he Guardian, Hunter, and her A.I., Ghost, were heading back from a scouting mission just beyond the city walls. They were flying through the fog and mountains heading back to the Tower. “Repeat, Tower Approach, this is City Hawk 723… Anyone home?” “No response on any other channels, even the emergency frequencies. [Sigh] What is going on back there?... Remember when I told you that you fly too fast... Forget I said that fly fast” They emerged from the fog and reached the city walls. The sky was dark and black smoke was everywhere. The sky was lit up with the light from the fire and explosions. War ships filled the skies. This was a faction the Guardians have not seen before. All we know is the war has been brought to the final city on …show more content…

First we evacuate our people.” “Our favorite Guardian is here to help.” said Ghost “Get to the plaza Hunter help me hold the line for the last evacuation ships to leave.” The guardian arrived at the top of the Tower to meet Zavala. Cabal were being dropped from the war ships along with barrages of missiles towards the gates.The fight lasted thirty minutes but Zavala and Hunter held off the assault for the last ship to get away. After helping Zavala she went out to help clear out the Cabal and find Ikora. Hunter moves towards the West Wing where the Speaker and the market is. She sees Ikora using her light to kill the Cabal near the stairs to the Speaker. “The Speaker, he’s gone.” said Ikora A ship appears aiming at Ikora and the Guardian. Ikora yells “You have taken my city and you will take no more from me!” as she shoots down the ship. The Guardian moves into the market clearing out the Cabal. “Amanda pick up the Guardian and take her to the command ship so she can take down its shields.” Hunter runs to an open area and Amanda appears picking her up to take to the command ship. “Hold on Guardian it’s going to be rough.” Amanda’s aircraft was taking heavy fire from all around. The only drop point on the command ship is where they were firing the drop pods for the Cabal. Amanda drops the Guardian off and clears the area. Hunter moves forward into the first room. There was a hologram with the ship map and her Ghost downloads the schematics. “We have to make it to the

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