Chapter 11 Essay

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00E thinks about how depressed he is about staying undercover at the CIA. All he wants is to leave the CIA. Thoughts constantly occupy his mind about the things he can’t do because he’s in the force. 00E wants to do normal things like start a family and live in a nice house. He’s not allowed to do any of that because he is in the CIA. Feeling depressed, 00E turns on the TV to relax. The news comes on and a breaking news story is released - five Americans have been kidnapped in Syria. Because he’s a top agent in the CIA force , 00E thinks to himself that the kidnapping is probably his next mission. Then the phone rings. “00E we need you in Syria in 12 hours,” says a mysterious voice in a quiet whisper. 00E responds, “I'll be …show more content…

Quickly he cuts all the hostages’ chains. Then, over their muffled cries, he screams, ”Get out of the building!” A few minutes later the building is blown to shreds. 00E barely manages to make it out, but all the hostages are saved. The hostages look around for their savior, but he is nowhere to be found. Walking away, 00E can’t help thinking, I should be able stick around to be the hero. A few minutes later his phone rings, and when he picks up a voice says, “00E, we have a problem. A monster has attacked San Francisco.” He says, “I’ll be there tomorrow. One more thing, I would like to come out of being undercover after this mission.” The voice responds, “No.” Walking away, he starts crying and he is overcome with sadness. He says in a quiet voice, “I need to get out of the CIA and this may be my only chance. All I have to do is defeat the monster and I’ll find a way to get out of the CIA.” ~~12 hours later, San Francisco~~ The plane comes to an abrupt landing on the runway. 00E jumps out and surveys the situation. The monster has destroyed much of San Francisco and is now destroying Freedom Tower. He jumps into the waiting helicopter and he is quickly briefed. In the briefing, he learns the US Army has been trying to take down the monster with conventional weaponry. Then he jumps out of the helicopter and lands safely on the ground near

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