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“Ugh,” I murmur as I carelessly toss my backpack and winter coat somewhere in our foyer. Then, I kick my shoes off relatively near our front door. I’m exhausted. The school day, homework, cross country practice, and a student council meeting all seems impossible to handle in one day. I sweep the fallen pieces of my ponytail behind my ear and push my large square framed glasses up the bridge of my nose. “Beth, join us for dinner please!” I huff and trot into the kitchen where my family is seated for dinner. I sit in my usual spot across from my 10 year old brother, Brennan, whose eyes are glued to his tablet. “Brennan, please,” my dad hints knowing my mom hates when we have our devices at the table. “Oh Brennan, I'm just so glad you and…show more content…
I shuffle like a zombie through my bedroom door and crumble onto my bed without taking my glasses or jeans off. I don't have the energy to get under the covers, so I just lay on top of them. ***********************************************Later that night******************************************* My heart hammers in my chest so hard I swear my rib cage could split in two. Sweat dribbles down my forehead as I replay the realistic nightmare I had just moments before of the man watching me from my bedroom window. In my dreams, he follows me on my walks home without my knowledge and stalks me at night. He's dangerous, wanted and psychotic. His pleasure comes from my distress and paranoia. Just thinking of the hyper realistic dream sends chills down my spine and twist knots in my stomach. I take my glasses off, rub my forehead, and get up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. “So much for a good night sleep,” I think as I turn the cold water on and fill the Mt. Rushmore glass I used at dinner. I pick up my backpack tossed in the foyer and drag it to my room. I might as well get something done now that I'm up. I scroll through my phone on my way back to my bedroom and bump the door open with my hip since my hands are full. That's when I see it. I drop my phone and glass of water on my bedroom floor. I feel my limbs go numb and my mouth go dry. Through my sheer curtains I see the outline of

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