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“Twenty-one! The Chief’s vote makes it twenty-one! And by God if that ain’t a majority I’ll eat my hat!” “Yippee,” Cheswick yells. The other Acutes are coming across toward me. “The meeting was closed,” she says. Her smile is still there, but the back of her neck as she walks out of the day room and into the Nurses’ Station, is red and swelling like she’ll blow apart any second. “Hoo-weee! Man, all I need me now is a can of beer and a red-hot.” We can see the nurse’s face get red and her mouth work as she stares at him. She looks around for a second and sees everybody’s watching what she’s going to do - even the black boys and the little nurses sneaking looks at her, and the residents beginning to drift in for the staff meeting, they’re …show more content…

“Under jurisdiction and control -” Harding shuts off the buffer, and leaves it in the hall, and goes pulls him a chair up alongside McMurphy and sits down and lights him a cigarette too. “Mr. Harding! You return to your scheduled duties!” I think how her voice sounds like it hit a nail, and this strikes me so funny I almost laugh. “Mr. Har-ding!” Then Cheswick goes and gets him a chair, and then Billy Bibbit goes, and then Scanlon and then Fredrickson and Sefelt, and then we all put down our mops and brooms and scouring rags and we all go pull us chairs up. “You men - Stop this. Stop!” And we’re all sitting there lined up in front of that blanked-out TV set, watching the gray screen just like we could see the baseball game clear as day, and she’s ranting and screaming behind us. If somebody’d of come in and took a look, men watching a blank TV, a fifty-year-old woman hollering and squealing at the back of their heads about discipline and order and recriminations, they’d of thought the whole bunch was crazy as loons(Page 124-126). Randall McMurphy was the newest admission on the ward. He was a large buff Irishman who committed a crime and was sentenced to time on a work Farm. After serving two out of the six months of his sentence doing backbreaking labor day in and day out he decided to feign insanity. He decided he'd rather serve the rest of his sentence in a mental hospital than on the work farm. It

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