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Chapter One As I walked up the cement steps of the ivory building that would now be known as my new workplace, I felt a tinge of excitement and fear of what was to come. I've heard stories of ruthless gangsters that would shoot at you without giving a second thought, but the danger doesn’t seem evident in this police station where everyone is bustling around like bees. The door constantly swings back and forth with people walking in and out wearing blank faces. I walk into the building and the young woman behind the desk points me in the direction of the meeting room. I follow her directions and walk into a room full of about thirty men about my age sitting in rows in front of a podium. I take a seat, and after a few moments pass, a man…show more content…
You must not be tempted because your lives and reputation are on the line. Now that I’ve made myself clear, I’ll discuss what is expected of you in the Chicago Police Department.”

After he went through the bureaucratic details of where to clock in and who to check in with, each of us newly transfers were given our new uniforms and were asked to change in the locker rooms. As I stood in front of the mirror I noticed that these new uniforms were much nicer than the ones that I had to wear in Ohio and actually took a liking to how I looked in it.

“Looking sharp” a man behind me commented with a bit of amusement when he realized that I was examining myself. His blonde hair was starting to get a bit too long and he had a carefree smile on his face. “I’m James and I’ll be giving you the tour of this joint”
“I’m Willis” I said as I extended my arm out for a handshake.

James took me around the station and showed me where I could find the showers, gym, target practice, records office, and as he showed me around He has been part of the Chicago Police Department for the past 10 years since he started right after he graduated from the academy. At the end of our tour he invited me to come along with him and some of his friends from the station to dinner after our shift. Little did I know that that’s where the madness would begin.
Chapter 2
We all drove separately to a diner not far off from the station. The four of us sat at a booth and ordered our drinks before deciding what
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