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“Beep, beep!” is what we heard, followed by a long vibration. Then out of the blue, we saw a very bright light appear, followed by the loud sound, “The National Weather Association has issued a high tide waves in your area until 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time.” My cousin, Olivia, and I looked at each other knowing what we both were thinking. “Absolutely not!” Ben said, knowing what we both were thinking. “This could be dangerous, and I’m not going to be the one to go and save you when you both drown in that unkind ocean! Let’s just have a calm and relaxing vacation where no one will die!” he said, trying to persuade us not to go. “Oh come on Ben! Nothing will happen! Florida waves probably don’t even get that high in high tide wave events,” I …show more content…

We had our swimsuits and beach supplies in the car already, so we didn’t have to go back to the condo. The waves were so massive compared to when we went to the beach earlier today. The dark, blue ocean is so beautiful in the Florida sunset. “Who’s ready for some High Tide Fun?” Olivia asked. “Remember what I said at dinner? I’m not saving you and make sure you don’t go too far in the water, so it won’t be as hard when mom and dad make me save you two. I’m not that tall, you know, and I’m not the best swimmer in these waves,” Ben said. “Ben needs some adventures and needs to take some risks, doesn’t he?” my dad said to Olivia and I while Ben made a mean face. Olivia and I laughed. My mom snapped some quick photos before we got drenched by the salty water, and the waves were fun to splash into. We had our boogie boards in our hands, and the sand in our toes while we rode the waves. Olivia and I had so much fun while Ben played in the sand, and mom took embarrassing videos and photos of us. Nothing was going wrong until I saw it. I don’t think anyone else saw it because I was the only one freaking out. It had it all, the dark gray scales, and the pointed fin poking out of the water. The dark eyes staring into mine, then came charging toward us, as if it wanted to attack us. I ran out of the water, my brother and cousin following me. What we saw will scar me for life. A shark that was so close, I could have reached my arm out and touch its sandpaper like scales.

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