Short Story: Police Chief Herring

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predicament. What he told her next turned her blood cold. "Ma'am, the kid could've gotten off anywhere. Archie Johnson, our best porter, was looking after the boy, and, well, Archie had a heart attack and died in Millen." Madge started to call Jake, but remembered that he'd told her that he hadn't had a phone installed in his apartment yet. He'd used a pay phone to call his aunt to make Timmy's travel arrangements to Atlanta.

After not getting anywhere questioning Timmy, James thought that he should call Police Chief Herringtion. Following James' explanation to Chief Herrington, the Chief went to his brother, Randy, and asked if he and his wife Julie, "would mind taking in a five-year-old boy who, apparently got off the Nancy at the wrong stop, here in Millen. We need somewhere for the boy to stay until we can locate his parents. Shouldn't be over a couple of hours before we get him back to whoever he belongs to," the Chief told Randy. Julie and Randy were glad to take Timmy in. They had two boys of their own. "One more will fit in just fine," Julie said.
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The Savannah manager told the chief that, "Yea, I remember a man and a little boy coming in early this morning. He bought the boy a ticket to Atlanta. I sent him out to talk to Archie about looking after his son. I seen 'em talking. The man slipped Archie a tip. Then he lifted the boy onto the train. He was safe with Archie. That's the last I seen 'em . And, I hate to tell you this, but Archie had a heart attack and died in Millen this morning." The Chief hadn't heard this news. "News travels fast along the rails," the depot manager
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