The Crime Scene Of Detective Baskin

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When Detective Mike Baskin arrived at the scene, he too gave no thought to fingerprints or any other physical evidence. His first priority was to find the girl and to find the light-colored pickup truck. Those who were present at the scene told him about the happenings, he did not by himself investigate. Furthermore, he did not investigate Haraway’s car, which was parked at the crime scene. They did acknowledge that it was her car (manager pointed this out), but no one thought of looking for any physical evidence. Also, even Detective Baskin did not bother to check what the manager threw away. All the information, – such as how much money was stolen, her purse and her car, everything was told to Detective Baskin, he did not bother to check by himself. In the end, all the law enforcement officers left the crime scene without securing it and allowed the manager to lock up the store. The Search The town exploded with this news and everyone got out to look Denice Haraway, but the police was also looking for someone to blame. The town was divided into areas to search for Denice Haraway. Steve Haraway, Denice husband, was informed about his wife abduction. Her family was informed and they waited for any news at the station. Detective Baskin gave them a form for missing persons to be filled out and send them home. Sheriff’s deputies and highway patrolmen were searching the surrounding areas and asking anyone for any information about a grey pickup. One of them stopped at another

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