Short Story : ' The Fear Of Noise '

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Acousticophobia, The fear of noise. Bethany a sophomore in college lived 80 miles away from her parents in a town called Little Ivy Wood. Little Ivy Wood was a small town which was dark and quiet. In fact was so dark that a single light would light up the rest of the town. Little Ivy Wood was my residence and I liked it the way it is, dark, quite, small and it was perfect for my occupation. Going back to Bethany, she was a young lady who had something special that everyone knew about. Gold locket. Clearly it was passed from generations down in her family it was known to be magical. Also, I forgot she had the fear of noise, like a scream, ringtones, and doorbells. Unpredictably one day the doorbell rang at Bethany 's house. As expected, she screamed and the person outside knew there was someone in the house. Also Bethany had always wanted her parents to be with her, but she had no choice but to stay alone. As she was going to open the door a small piece of paper came through the front door. On top of that the note read, “Feeling lonely, Don’t worry, I’m here for you.” As a result, Bethany was terrified and couldn’t see how the person would know what was going on in her mind. In hesitation, she decided to call her parents to see if they were home and would visit her. Since her parents didn’t pick up she called her neighbor, Brook. She was tall, slender girl who loved to play soccer and couple months she was a witness in a kidnapping case. Tragically, Brook’s parents died in a

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