Short Story : The Skirt Of Her Dress

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Vella smoothed out the skirt of her dress. Glinda had given her yet another dress (this one one was white). She had insisted on providing the two kids with clean clothes each day they stayed. It had been a whole week since the wicked witches had been defeated (no one was really sure what happened to Evanora, although some swore that they saw an old hag in Evanora’s dress being carried off into the sky) and still Glinda had no idea how to get them home.

Seeing as though the two were living in the palace with her, Glinda saw no choice other than to reveal the truth to them. There were only four others (excluding Oz himself) who were in on the plot. Oz was dead in the eyes of the public--only the Wizard of Oz was left.

Oz, Glinda, the China Girl, Vella, and Shay sat at a table, enjoying the quiet morning as they ate breakfast. After the war, the land had fallen into a state of peace and everyone finally had a sense of freedom. The world itself seemed to brighten a little. The five of them just talked about everything and nothing, although their topic of conversation never strayed to the war or Shay and Vella’s families. No one wanted to ruin the sense of calm.

They finished their meal, yet just sat there, talking. Shay continued to try to clean off his spoon (he’d already ruined 5 napkins and several pieces of the Quadlings’ scrap fabric doing so). The spoon complained about being dipped in that “toxic potion” the whole time while the knife, who was pretty much spotless,

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