Short Story : The Story Of Alexander's Night '

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The sound a door slamming open was what caused Magnus to wake from his fitful sleep, his whole body was stiff and sore from sleeping on the ground. Upon turning to face the bars his eyes widened at the sight of two circle members opening Alec’s cell “Lightwood, get up” One of the circle members demanded, Alec frowned and remained in his position on the floor. The other circle member growled before he reached down and slapped Alec harshly across the face causing Magnus to jump in surprise “Hey!” Magnus shouted grabbing onto the bars, the circle members looked over to Magnus, glaring daggers at him “When you’re given an order Lightwood, you follow that order” The circle member growled before nodding to the other one. The pair quickly …show more content…

The moment he heard that door open he was grabbing the bars yet again trying to look out to see who was coming in “O-Oh my god…” Magnus whispered as Alec came into view, he was yet again being dragged by the two circle members but this time there was no fighting. Alec was completely unconscious, his head was hung and he was completely limp “What did you do to him?!” Magnus demanded as Valentine came into view, watching as the two circle members placed Alec back in his cell “Pure shadowhunter blood, one of the most potent ingredients I require” Valentine replied without looking at Magnus “You have shadowhunters! Why did you take his?!” Magnus continued, gripping the cell bars in anger “Sadly the circle rune taints the blood of the shadowhunters who join me, Alec however does not have that rune” Valentine smirked turning to leave the room, not without flashing Magnus an evil look. The moment he left Magnus fell to his knees and looked over at Alec, his skin was as white as Simon’s and all of his runes where a light grey colour “Alexander? Alexander can you hear me?” Magnus questioned, he got no reply. “No, no, no come on Alexander don’t do this to me!” Magnus begged as he attempted to conjure healing magic but to his dismay nothing happened “Fuck! These fucking things!” Magnus shouted in anger pulling against the chains that bound him and denied him his magic “Aghhh!” Magnus shouted, tears of frustration gathering in his eyes. Knowing there was no way he’d be

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