Short Story : The Story Of Ebony Evil Riding Hood

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Last week to the North where the forests are I heard there was a evil,mean and ugly (with pimples across her face) girl called Ebony Evil Riding Hood. Everyone in the city was scared of her. She had done so many horrible things like draining all the town water and annihilating shops if they didn’t give her what she wanted. One day her mother called on her Iphone 20 S+ she commanded her to come back home. So she got into her lamborghini aventador made out of gold and went home. When she got to her mother's mansion she was waiting outside wearing her gucci slippers and surrounded by her 2 metre tall body guards. When she went inside, her mother said( in a charming voice)to her”My darling send these to your grandma’s house to keep her fit and healthy,” so with a groan,she took the diamond bag and went on her journey to her grandma’s in her lamborghini. On her way to her grandma’s house Ebony Evil Riding Hood went to a poison shop. When she entered the shop, the shop owner's face turned red due to afraidness. In the shop there were lots of poison. Some were lethal and could kill, others were less lethal and could cause extreme explosive diarrhea. She said to the shopkeeper in a rude superior voice “Give me the most lethal sleep poison you have,” suddenly the shopkeeper pressed a button underneath his desk and a platform arose from underneath the shop with a bottle full of vomit like liquid . He took it out of the glass cabinet it was in and gave it to Ebony. She grabbed the

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