Short Story : The Story Of The West

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Bass wasn’t sure how long he had lain on the ground. He only knew that the sky was back to it’s normal color and the rain still fell. Sitting up, he realized that they had been thrown a distance away and checked on Miles who was next to him. Shaking him awake, Bass ignored his questions about what had happened and got to his feet. The chapel, which stood near by, was lit up and organ music flowed out of it’s open doors as Charlie huddled in the cold, wet street. Calling her name, he ran towards her, Miles just behind, before stopping at the sight of the round red stain that lay where Danny had once stood. “Oh, Charlie,” Bass breathed, dropping down beside her and gathering her into his arms, her hands stained red as the ground. …show more content…

Closing the door behind her, she slide down it to the floor, burying her face in her knees, sobs racking her body as she mourned her brother. Slamming her head back against the door, Charlie moaned before looking back down at her hands, her brothers blood now dried and faded upon her skin before turning her attention to her wrist. Anger coursed through her at what she had been forced to do. The choice taken out of her hands once again. Pushing to her feet, she closed her eyes and concentrated. XXX “Charlie!” Bass screamed bursting into her room, Miles voice echoing the same from somewhere within the Hall. “Charlie! Open up!!” Bass shouted beating his fists against the bathroom door. When all he heard was a whimper, he stepped back and kicked the door open, exhaling noisily at the sight in front of him. “Shit!” Grabbing a nearby towel he dropped to the floor wrapping it around Charlie’s bloody wrist. “Told you I could light this city up,” she chuckled tiredly as Miles skidded to a stop looking horrified at the scene in front of him. “Don’t just stand there, get the fucking doctor!” Bass shouted, causing Miles to stumble backwards. “Stay with me, baby, just stay with me,” Bass whispered into her ear as he held her arm above her head. “So, tired,” she whispered in reply leaning back against him, her stomach visibly protruding. “Charlie?” Bass murmured, his face paling as he

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