Short Story The Strangers That Came To Town By Ambrose Flack

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In the short story, The Strangers That Came to Town by Ambrose Flack, Andy and his brother Tom did the unthinkable by poisoning the tub of sixty-one fishes caught by the Duvitches. Andy’s appalling trick gave his father only one decision but to punish them. Andy and Tom had to stay in the middle of the fishing pond, and only able to come back to shore once they’ve caught sixty-one fishes to repay Mr. Duvitch. After a day brimming with mosquito bites and sunburns, Andy and his brother finally caught sixty-one fishes. After repaying Mr. Duvitch and seeing the emotional side of him, Andy felt guilty for poisoning the tub of fishes, and as the eldest, he did not try to stop his younger brother Tom. I believe that the disastrous trick that Andy and Tom played on the Duvitches was uncalled for and downright ludicrous. The reason Andy played such foul trick was…show more content…
I believe the disciplinary act Andy and Tom were given was fair. Though cruel and grim, it gave Andy and Tom a lesson to never play such detrimental trick and to never “judge a book by its cover”, after repaying Mr. Duvitch, Andy’s family were invited to eat at the Duvitches. Dinner with the Duvitches made Andy realized that the Duvitches are amazingly nice people, that have such fascinating gifts. Their punishment also gave insight to the pain the Duvitches induced while fishing for countless hours seen by Mr. Duvitches “mosquito-bitten face” (4). Andy and Tom were inflicted by numerous burns and bites, learning how much the Duvitches suffered and the countless hours of patience to capture a weeks-worth of fish. Through the unjustified actions of Andy and Tom being guilty of poisoning the tub of fishes caught by the Duvitches, the boys were deemed to be punished. Although their punishment was cruel, I believe that it was a fair punishment for their senseless trick that cost the Duvitches almost a weeks worth of food, due to being prejudiced and
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