Short Story : ' The Truth '

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1. “The truth was that around Jalil, Mariam did not feel at all like a harami. For an hour or two every Thursday, when Jalil came to see her, all smiles and gifts and endearments, Mariam felt deserving of all the beauty and bounty that life had to give. And, for this, Mariam loved Jalil,” (Hosseini 5). Due to the circumstances of Mariam’s birth, her mother, Nana, would often call her a harami, a bastard, whenever she was upset with Mariam. Whereas, Jalil, Mariam’s father would treat Mariam extremely well compared to Nana, causing Mariam to favor Jalil over Nana. Due to the lack of affection provided to her by her mother, Mariam longed to live with her father even though he never introduced her to his legitimate family. I believe that Hosseini implied that Jalil was ashamed of Mariam and in order to pay penance for his guilt, would shower Mariam with praise and gifts. This, however was the wrong way to handle this situation. If Jalil wanted to be a true man and father, he would have claimed and introduced Mariam as his daughter and he would have introduced her to his true family, despite his wives’ disapproval. Mariam feels ostracized due to never seeing her father’s family. This theme of exclusion carries on throughout the rest of the novel seeing as Hosseini seems to force Mariam in situations where no one seems to accept her; even Mariam’s own husband eventually alienates Mariam. 2. “A man’s heart is a wretched, wretched thing, Mariam. It isn’t like a mother’s womb. It
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