Short Story : Tullor, Can You Hower Me?

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“TAYLOR, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Her breath was ragged and her insides felt like they were burning up along with her skin. Coughing slightly, her eyes fluttered open to first see the outline of Clarke looking down at her concernedly.
Mouth opening ever so slightly, she was overcome with another bout of queasiness and shot to her side, heaving up another revolting mess of warm, thick blood. The makeshift bed she was lying on was somewhat comforting despite the full scale of her symptoms.
“I don’t know why she’s reacting so violently - it could be having such prolonged, close contact with Murphy,” she heard Clarke say in a muffled tone, the rag that she held over her mouth bringing down the volume of her voice.
“What’s happening?” Taylor …show more content…

The dimly lit and pungent smelling dropship was what welcomed her drooping eyes. Fresh blood dripped from her nose and she shook her head, trying to value the fact that she wasn’t throwing it up this time.
Heaving herself up, she glanced around at all of the coughing teenagers that lain on the floor coughing and sputtering, groaning in pain. The smell was ten times worse than it had been when Jasper was gravely injured. The dead bodies being dragged from the ship didn’t exactly make her feel more optimistic.
Someone tapped her shoulder lightly and she looked over to find Octavia giving her a weak smile. “Here,” she said, offering her one of the roughly made cups that they had made at some point.
“Thank you,” she replied and took a sip of the water, it feeling amazing as it traveled down her dry throat. Octavia excused herself to go help others who had fallen ill after they spoke for a while and she assured Taylor that things were looking better for her since they had brought her in.
Octavia’s caring spirit made Taylor feel almost proud as she watched her comfort others. Soon enough she had finished the water and laid back down, falling asleep fairly quickly after that.
When she woke up once again, things seemed to have gotten much more crowded and all the worse for the majority of them. This time, she was able to sit up, then stand, and start to walk, albeit slightly wobbly,

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