Short Summary Of Nagania

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The moral of the story is to be brave, even to people that may seem bigger than you are. For example, Nagania affected Rikki Tikki when she and her husband “Nag”, tried to get Rikki Tikki off guard.They both hoped to kill him, so that got Rikki Tikki all fired up. Another example of Rikki Tikki getting affected from Nagania would be when Nagaina said to her husband, “he will have to go away, and then the garden will be our own again. So Rikki Tikki got angry, because the two cobras planned to kill him and his new family. The sequence of Rikki Tikki is first, One day, a high summer flood washed him out of the burrow, or a hole or tunnel dug by a small animal, where he lived. Next, , a family took him into their house, and they gave him a…show more content…
Now, both of the snakes are trying to kill him. Last, Rikki Tikki kills nag buy biting him in the head and not letting go, and he kills nagania underground. Rikki Tikki and Nagania are alike because, they both seem to be very smart, “plot wise”. In the story, Rikki Tikki tricked nagania when he told her to look at her one last egg, so the dad could quickly swoop up tommy from nagaina's striking point. Nagania was like Rikki Tikki, when she and her husband, made up a plan for her to sneak up behind him, from the bush and try to kill Rikki Tikki, so therefore, they are both alike “plot wise.” Rikki Tikki, and Nagania are different because, Rikki tikki is always trying to try and help people, in almost any way he can, because he is a caring person that will do almost anything in his power to help a friend. On the other hand, nagaina is always trying to kill Rikki Tikki because, he is the one who crushed all of her eggs and also killed her husband. In conclusion, the moral or theme of this story is to be brave, even to people that may seem bigger and faster than you are, but it is all about the
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