Short Term Volunteer Trips ( 1-3 Days ) Essay

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There are numerous aspects of voluntourism that are positive in nature. For example, short-term volunteer trips (1-3 weeks) can be quite beneficial in the case of dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster. In the case of a serious catastrophe like that, it can take years to rebuild the community that it occurred in. With a continuous stream of fresh volunteer recruits, the momentum will remain at a constant pace. A short-term time frame for this type of scenario will result in more efficient progress being made. On another topic, volunteers have been proven, through extensive research on the subject, to be able to provide locals with some things that very few other aid workers can. The volunteers can be an effective link between the locals of the community and the humanitarian organizations. As an example, they can help locals fill out the forms required to apply for funding for certain projects. Volunteers can also help the locals understand ways in which they can effectively communicate with their government, and potentially receive more aid from them. Voluntourism agencies often emphasize the emotional connections that tourists can make with the locals, but rarely speak about this kind of connection that I have just mentioned. In other words, tourists can be a great resource for the locals, and that is a very positive aspect of the voluntourism industry. Another positive aspect is that the experiences that a voluntourist goes through while taking part in a
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