Should Abortion Be Legal For Women?

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Forty-two years after the highly controversial case Roe vs. Wade, that made it legal for women to have an abortion, society continues to debate whether or not women should have the right to have an abortion. Judith Jarvis Thomson’s famous article “A Defense of Abortion” defends a women’s right to have an abortion. However, I disagree with Thomson’s defense against abortions, and believe that abortions are highly immoral and should be illegal. Many whom are pro-choice argue that a fetus is not a person until birth. However, Thomson’s article is unique in that she openly grants that a fetus is a person from the point of conception. Thomson believes that even if the argument against whether a fetus is a person fails, it is not enough to come to the conclusion that having an abortion is morally wrong. Rather, she reasons that abortions should be allowed because a fetus’ right to life does not include the right to draw upon the different resources a women’s body provides during the pregnancy. Therefore, women should have the right to terminate their pregnancy if they choose to do so. Thomson uses a series of analogies to defend that abortions are not morally wrong and should be allowed since the being deemed a person does not give the fetus the right to the nourishment and protection from the pregnant woman. Jack Mulder Jr.’s article “A Short Argument Against Abortion,” meticulously breaks down Thomson’s argument revealing that her defense that a “fetus does not have the right
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