Should All Handguns Be Banned?

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Owning a handgun in the United States is legal, and it has been an issue on debate for many years with no success so far. It is very important to understand that if handguns don't get restricted or ban from our community, consequences will keep raising and death statistics will speak for themselves. Handguns in our community are directly affecting the future of our children, they are responsible for increasing the number of violent death rate in the United States, and it also keeps having a significant effect in our economy. Gun violence can traumatized our children, physically, and emotionally as well. One in three American households currently keep at least one gun in their home. Children who are exposed to handgun violence, are more likely to develop psychological disorders. As a result, they are more likely to have an aggressive behavior, and experience post-traumatic stress condition associated with gun violence. Emotional disorders are very noticeable also. They turn from happy to sad, from a confident person to insecure, therefore, in order to feel safe, they need to have a gun for their protection, and it also another way to get what they want at all cost. Guns are powerful convincing a person being threat to get shot if a person do not do what is asked for. Consequently, the message they get is that it is reasonable to get things by forced, since they are used to this environment. It is acceptable for them to do what is normal for them to see. Handguns have done

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