Should Amnesty Be Illegal Immigrants?

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Luis Jauregui Kelly Lepsig English 4 December 14, 2015 Every person is a human being, not an “alien”, and deserves every right, privilege, and freedom everyone has. I believe granting amnesty to immigrants can bring happiness in both the country and immigrants. For those who do not know what amnesty is, it is an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses. My topic is about granting amnesty to immigrants in any country and to let them have every right a legal citizen has. I will be covering mostly on the immigrants who are currently living in the United States. Having illegal immigrants “Can help with the country 's economy”, “Bring a better life for immigrants”, and let them have more benefits. It also gives their “Children a better education and gives them better opportunities to succeed in school and have a better job”. Granting amnesty will help for both the country and people since these “Immigrants also pay for their taxes and work really hard for whatever job they have”. Also, It is nearly impossible to get rid of all the immigrants that live in the United States. “There are currently over 11 million immigrants in America”, just imagine the cost to get rid of them. Immigration is not such a bad thing. They are normal people who want to live in the American dream. They want the best for them and their family. They do not want to bring in trouble in America since America helps them live in a better life, that is all they want. America gives
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