Should Immigration Be Illegal Immigrants?

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Since I was young I’ve noticed there is second class Americans. I’ve had a job since I was sixteen working at a golf course. At our golf course there are numerous job titles and every position is a certain gender/race. For example my position is to stock one of the buildings and it is only teenage/young adult males, while the cooks and grounds department are all Hispanic adults. Some positions get treated better than others. The deal is around 11’oclock we get a half hour lunch which the golf course provides us with, every position is liable for this opportunity, except for the grounds department. They have to bring their own lunches and have to eat it outside on the picnic benches in the blazing sun. Whenever I ride past them they seem miserable. Not too many of them speak English which leads me to question if they are illegal immigrants or not. Immigration is a complicated concept because there are people who have the beliefs that it destroys the economy, and then there are those who believe it makes the economy run more smoothly and strengthens it. You can argue that allowing immigration takes away jobs from legal citizens and increases crime rate. However, the other aspect is that it strengthens the economy due to cheap labor, helps the housing market, and increases economic revenue. Nobody puts into consideration that everyone’s family at one point was an immigrant to the United States, except for Native Americans. Why should we continue to allow immigrants into our
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