Should Animals Be Banned Of Animals Research

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As a young child, you would probably remember your parents taking you to the circus where you witnessed all your favourite animals preforming their tricks. As an innocent child you would not have thought about what happens behind the scenes or the preparation these animals experience before performing on stage.

The reality is that animals are trained by fear, suffering and disrespect, are kept in tiny cages where they can barely move around and they travel most of their life time in severe temperatures which they are not used to in their natural habitat. I strongly believe that circuses which make animals perform should be banned.
“Sink that hook into em … when you hear that screaming, then you know you’ve got their attention!”
Feet of elephants are chained because of their size otherwise they might escape.
How Are They Trained?

Animals in the circus do not willingly stand on their heads, with two legs, on balls, jump through rings on fire or ride bicycles. Animals don't normally do these useless acts in the wild or in their habitats.

Did you know that tigers are terrified of fire, but they would rather jump through it on rings than face the consequences of the trainers?

I went undercover inside the Carson & Barnes Circus, while a trainer was teaching his students their job and training 3 defenceless elephants. I documented and observed extreme animal abuse, including the elephants being beaten with baseball bats, pitchforks, shocked with electric prods; and hit on
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