Should Animals Use Animals Be Used? An Experiment?

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Have you wondered how new treatments and cures are developed? Well after the scientist recommends a treatment to the health department they will begin to advance their study by either doing more lab work, stopping the research entirely, or begin the clinical stages and start animal testing. Using animals in medical research, biomedical research, is very beneficial to our society by allowing us to test disease treatments, discover cures, and learn more about how cells, DNA and genes work. Media portrays a bad image of animal testing, such as neglect, contaminant, and cruelty, but that is not the case. There are many rules and regulations needed to use animals as a subject to study. To decide when animals need to be used in an experiment, scientist use the three R’s. First the scientist will be certain that no other test subject can be used instead of a living organism, Replacement. If using an animal as a test subject is their last option they will Reduce the amount of animals used. Last, the scientist will Refine the experiment to ensure the least amount of pain is being cause to the animal ( For researchers and scientist to select which type of animal as a test subject is a little more complex than that. Each animal has different qualities that make that animal good for testing certain things. Mice and rats are used 90-95 percent of the time; they reproduce quickly, their small size, and they have a lot of the same diseases as humans

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