Essay about Using Animals in Research and Experimentation

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Animals should be used for research and Experimentation because if the animals get sick or show any signs of acting abnormal then the scientists know it isn’t safe for humans to use. Animal research has played a big role in nearly every medical breakthrough over the last decade. Animals have the same organ system that perform the same task, which helps determine if what is being tested is safe for humans to use. Most of the medicines animals use the same medicine as humans like antibiotics, pain killers, and many more this helps to see if the medicine cures the animals without any harmful consequences then it would be safe and useful for humans to use. Using animals for research and experimentation has led to cancer survival rates to …show more content…

The scientists make sure the animals are not in very much pain, the scientists make sure they use proper safe tools when doing the tests on the animals. Scientists are very respectful of test animals. They make sure that the animals are treated well and do not suffer at any point in an experiment. The scientists do all they can for the animals when it comes to actually testing on them. If they think it will be uncomfortable for the animals they give them pain killers to relieve the stress and the pain if pain is even involved. The scientists don’t do the tests with intentions on hurting the animals they do it in hope to save lives of many people or make life easier on someone’s life. Using animals for experiments and tests can be more useful than using lab tools and chemicals for many reasons. Using animals can actually show you what could happen to humans, but when just using lab tools the scientists can’t actually see what problems the humans could face. Using animals can also be useful when you do not know what kind of chemical you are looking for. The changes in the gene expression patterns give clues about what kind of chemical is used. If animals were not tested on we would not have some of the products that we have today. Animal testing has led to many of our cleaning products we use every day. Without animal testing we wouldn’t have these products because we wouldn’t know if the product were safe for humans to use. Animal testing can

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