Should Belgium Be Legal?

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. In Belgium they have made it to where the patient can’t just decide they want to be euthanized because they are having a bad day, but they make sure that that is truly the best thing for them and that it is done properly with the doctors’ supervision or help with it. This is one way that people will be allowed to know that the patient is truly in need of it to make them feel like they are being taken care of properly and that the doctors don’t have all the power in making the decision like some people might believe. They will also be able to know that a person can’t just decide that they don’t want to live and have a doctor kill them for no good reason. Belgium has made certain laws to control who can be euthanized. One of the main ones …show more content…

One of the reasons that people have for keeping euthanasia is because a doctor shouldn’t prescribe another human being any drug that would kill them. Going along with that they may also so that a doctor will gain to much power from it. They just assume that it was all the doctors’ idea and that the patient had nothing to do with the decision. “Not surprisingly, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reacted negatively to Oregon doctors prescribing controlled substances in doses to kill instead of care” (Smith). According to Smith the Drug Enforcement Administration has a majority of people who would agree and say that the doctor shouldn’t be allowed to prescribe these types of drugs. There are a lot of people who would disagree and say that it was not all the doctors’ idea and that they should be allowed to prescribe these drugs because they don’t just go around prescribing the drugs like it’s an over the counter medication. The doctors only use these drugs because they see that there is nothing else they can do for a patient or because their patient who is terminally ill asks if they can have this type of drug. If the people who actually believe that the doctors use the drug so that they don’t have to care for them then they would see that the doctors aren’t the ones who usually bring up the idea but in reality the patient will ask them for it and the doctor wont usually agree unless they know that it is the last option for the patient.

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