Should Children Get Paid For Good Grades

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Even though Some parents or schools might not have enough money, they can just take it from the government. School is just like work so children should get paid for good grades because getting paid will make children want to go to school and they will like going. School is usually boring to most kids and they need something to look forward to, and Children deserve more than just a grade in the gradebook. If children get paid for good grades, it will make them want to come to school everyday and get all of their work done. According to, if children are paid for better grades, they will want to do better in school. They don't have to pay children for D's and F's, this is rewards for good grades, not just for being at school. All children are smart in their own way and they all deserve to…show more content…
No, not really because they will probably get a job when they are 16 and older, and they don't want that money anymore because they might make more with their job. According to Ally, once you start paying your children for good grades, how long will you keep paying them, the world may never know. After all, this practice can get expensive after a while. Plus, if you stop paying them, will their grades fall? Adds Kiplinger, “If you go the ‘paycheck’ route, you have to keep raising the stakes – and once kids are old enough to earn their own money, you lose leverage.” Their grades probably won't fall because they should be smart now because while they were getting paid they paid attention more in class and knew how to do everything that they were suppose to be learning. If everyone tries their hardest in school they will all have good grades and everyone will get paid. Some children don't try in school and that's why they aren't getting good grades. If they try and their school decides to start paying for good grades they everything will be
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