Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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The world we live in, our every action is driven by some economics motivation. Every task we perform now has some kind of monetary value attached to it. While some may argue that has made us materialistic, others believe it’s just a way of acknowledging each other’s hard work. A similar trend is seen in sports; athletes and coaches are paid, highly to acknowledge them and show appreciation. However, when it comes to college sports, everyone’s views change and only the coaches are the ones being compensated. Today, I would like to argue against these double standards because, the effort college athletes put towards their sport and the commercialization of college level sports, justifies the notion of monetary compensation for college athletes. College athletes are known more because of their sports rather than what they are actually majoring in. College athletes put in immense effort and time towards the sport. They make the sport their main priority and manage their lives primarily around the team and sport they are playing. Many college athletes, especially basketball and football players are recruited to become a part of college level team. The athletes decide what college to go to by evaluating the prestige of the sports programs rather than the college itself. For many college athletes is a platform to play the sport they are passionate about. In addition to their passion for the sport, college athletes also put in effort and time towards their respective sports.

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