Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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In 2013, postsecondary universities spent $499 billion dollars (“U.S.News”). A great deal of colleges today in America are in debt for the heavy spending they do to make their university the best place to receive an education. College athletes, who receive a scholarship to represent a college in a sport, go to college for free and obtain many benefits normal college students would not get. Paying college athletes would be unfair to students who go through college with debt up to their neck along with not being able to receive sport scholarships. Paying college athletes would put colleges into more debt as well as would start a crisis across America because college sports performers and students would not be treated as equals. The rising opinion that college athletes should be paid can be stifled by aggressive media campaigns, investigations, and strict enforcement of rules. There are stacks of reasons why people think athletes should be paid. The athletes claim is, they put all their work into a sport so they do not have time to get a job. Another reason is that the NCAA has plenty of money to pay athletes. When an athlete commits to a school for a sport, it is their choice to give up their time during the season to play the event they compete in. Sport seasons do not last all year; they are about a quarter of the year. While you still have yearly workouts, athletes have time outside of their sports season, to get a job or earn money somehow. The National Collegiate

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