Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Should? Or Should Not? In college sports today there is an occurring issue on whether or not college athletes should be paid to play. This issue has been disputed since the NCAA was established in 1906. These athletes have made money for everybody involved with these schools, but they themselves have made nothing. The main reason these players have not acquired pay is because of the NCAA and their rules and regulations. College athletes should get paid because they are the main source of revenue for colleges. Also they should be paid, because some might be poor or have been injured and they need money to help their lives stay on track. Things may be said like why should students to get paid to get an education. This is not why these athletes should get paid though. They should get paid because the university is making money on their likeness. For most people it makes since that college players do not get paid because they are already on scholarship. But what about the players that are injured, the colleges usually take away their scholarship and players are left with nothing. There are many factors that weigh on this idea but through my views I see no reason why they should not get paid. The issue the NCAA has with players being played to play is numerous but also inadequate. The NCAA created a word to use so that when an opposing group tries to attack them they can strike them down with no worries. The word is, “student-athlete,” they have devised this term so that if an

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