Should College Tuition Be Free? America? Essay

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Why should college tuition be free in America? The majority of students who graduate leave their alma mater with two things: a degree and a large sum of debt. The current student debt in America is 1.2 trillion dollars. Graduate students account for nearly 40 percent of this debt. From 1985 to 2007 the amount of student debt increased by 7.9 percent. In 1994 the average student borrowed eleven thousand dollars for school. By 2014, however, that figure had increased to thirty-five thousand dollars. Students who attend a four-year university are not the only ones affected by student debt. Students who attend two-year intuitions are also affected by large amounts of debt.
For starters, low-income students who wish to pursue an associate 's degree already have ample financing options. According to College Board, Pell Grants cover nearly the entire cost of tuition at public two-year institutions, with the average Pell Grant award for these students amounting to $3,200 of the average in-state tuition of $3,440. Considering that the cost of community college is miniscule compared to that of a four-year degree, it is not surprising that only 17 percent of students participate in federal loan programs.
“Yet, even though the financial burden of attending community college is relatively low, students still have trouble paying off their loans. Far more community college students default on their loans (38 percent) than students at four-year colleges and universities (10 percent).”

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