College Education Should Be Free Research Paper

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A College Education: Should be free In the United States of America, college education should be universal and free for all students. According to the department of education, the statics show that at least 60,000 graduate college students will be in debt after coming out of college, and if these college graduates attended an Ivy League their debt will increase even more up to an upward of $100,000 in more debt even before these students get their first job.

One the biggest concerns with making college free for all students is the need to implement a student loan debt forgiveness program for those who are already in debt because of student loans. Those that believe that college education should not be free may argue that college students would not take education seriously. This creates a moral hazard for the student to decide whether it is degree hopping or whether it is going to far into debt for any single program (Lewontin, 2014). Students would have the ability to keep changing their career without worrying about their loans debt increasing or running out of financial aid. This could potentially decrease graduation rates significantly, …show more content…

Not making college education free would lead to bankruptcy and an inability to give back to the economy. Many people who are in debt with student loans often have an inability to buy a house, a car, or afford life necessitates such as medical coverage. Making college education totally free would lead to an increase of financial burden for taxpayers because they are often responsible for paying the student loan forgiveness tax. The goal is to prepare people for the workforce and to improve our economy. The purpose of higher education is to improve the health, increase lifespans, provide higher pay and decrease rates of unemployment for the

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